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Corry Office

Maloney, Reed, Scarpitti & Company, LLP offers accounting services that cater not only to corporate clients but also for small and medium enterprises. With our extensive experience and professional staff, trust us to be your reliable partner in your operations.

At our Corry office, we assist clients with tax planning and preparation at a time they need it most. We also offer auditing and business consultancy services ideal for a wide variety of privately owned businesses looking to maximize business potential.

Rick L. Clayton, CPA

Rick has proven to be a valuable partner in the firm due to his expertise in audit, tax, and consulting. Aside from our office in Edinboro, he also supervises our Corry office.

With Rick’s knowledge of accounting techniques and regulations, government offices and nonprofit organizations have relied on him for tax planning, consulting, and other accountancy services. He graduated in 1982 from Thiel College in Greenville, PA. Rick is also a member of the American and Pennsylvania Institutes of Certified Public Accountants.

Rick devotes his time to meaningful endeavors for the betterment of the community. He has volunteered to several local organizations, including YMCA of Edinboro, the Benedictine Sisters of Erie, and the Tri-Boro Little League. He has also shared his knowledge in auditing and tax to business organizations, colleges, and schools in the area.


Receive assistance in tax planning, preparation, and filing at our Corry office. You can also visit our offices in Erie and Edinboro, PA. To schedule a consultation, call us at 814-664-2014.

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